First review the Care Label instructions so you fully understand how to properly care for your garment.

Hand washing:

This is the best option when it comes to caring for your undergarments, as it’s gentler on sheer fabrics and thus reduces the risk of tearing and other damage. Hand washing is also the best way to preserve elasticity, keeping your garments looking new and feeling fresh, many washes in. Hand washing, however, is not without its perils, so be sure to wash as efficiently and safely as possible by:

● Separating your garments into like colours.
● Washing light garments first so you can use the same water for darker garments later.
● Using cool or room-temperature water. Hot temperatures will break down the elasticity content within your garment.
● Minimising the amount of detergent to prevent residue from building up on your clothes.
● Use a delicate detergent as instructed on the care label.
● Abandoning scrunching, twisting and pulling actions in favour of gentle swirling motions.
● Leaving to soak for only a few minutes.


There’s no point putting in the effort to properly wash your undergarments, if you’re not willing to show them a little love during the drying process, so to get the most out of your garments:

● Do not use the dryer, which can shrink and breakdown fabrics.
● Keep your items out of direct sunlight to help preserve colour.
● Place wet garments on a towel and gently pat them down to expedite the drying process. You can also gently roll them in a towel to absorb some of the initial moisture.
● Use a drying rack for delicate items that you don’t want to pat down.
● Reshape items and dry flat.
● Avoid ironing unless stated on the care label.
● Hanging undergarments out to dry can also weaken and stretch out the elastic, which means the garment won’t maintain their fresh look for as long.