Really excited as my branded elastic finally arrived so I am now developing a few new designs to use this on. Firstly I am revisiting the fit of my mens master underwear blocks as I would like to refine the fit of the pouch section as I know I can get this even better. I have spent the last few days creating numerous toiles (mock ups).

I started with my master block and make a duplicate copy for me to play with. I cut out and stitched a pair of briefs and my model tried them on (I might add this is my poor husband as he is a medium).

Next stage was pinning and physically drawing on the toile (being worn by husband at the time) to help improve the fit/cut. I then altered the pattern, cut out another toile and repeated the process until I was fully happy.

So far I have created 4 toiles brief and 4 for the shortie over the last two days before being totally happy with the fit. The trunks were much easier as that only took 1 toile. I should say a big thank you to my husband as he has got the patience of a saint!!!

I intend to keep the news design quite simple but will add my signature touch of luxury by placing on strips of stretch velvet ribbon on one side of the body. I want to keep the design classic but totally unique to my brand.