Mens Measurements / Sizing

  • All items are listed in sizes of Small, Medium, Large
  • To ensure a perfect fit I encourage you to complete your Personal Measurement Form and send it with your payment. download it here
  • Required measurements will depend on your order- see Measurement/Sizing Guide.
  • When reviewing the Measurement/Size Guide please be aware that all the fabrics I use have at least a 30% stretch.
  • This is however, not the case with the elastic waistband. For example: a size Medium has an elastic waistband of 29.5” – this will stretch comfortably to 35” waist. It can stretch further but this is the standard amount of stretch I use within my sizing.

Trunk / Maxi Trunk

  • When ordering the Trunk and Maxi Trunk I have added a ‘Custom’ option. If having viewed the Measurement/Sizing Guide you wish for a bit extra or less in one of the body measurements you can require a ‘Custom’ size where you are permitted one alternation at no extra charge.
  • For example, with a pair of Maxi trunks you can request a wider leg or add an inch into the waistband. When you pay for your garment select “Custom” in the size option.
  • Please pay as normal and then complete your Personal Measurement Form with your alteration and body measurements and email it to me at
  • It is very important to me that you get the perfect fit. If there is an issue with your request, I will email you to discuss what you require.
  • However, if your size is not listed, please email me as I am happy to create any size for you.
  • Every piece is handmade to your specific size and takes time to create. All orders take up to 14 days to be handmade and then 3-5 working days for delivery. For international shipping please allow up to 7-14 days.

Brief, Shortie, Trunk, Maxi Trunk Sizing Guide in inches

Elastic waist length26"30"34"
Garment waist width26"30"33"
Trunk leg width18"19"20"
Trunk leg length3"3"3"
Maxi leg width17.5"18.5"19.5"
Maxi leg length4"4"4"
Brief/Shortie - Top of front of waistband to back waistband21"21.25"21.5"
Trunk/ Maxi - Top of front waistband to back waistband22"22.25"22.5"

Custom Sizing – Vests

  • Vest are only made by personal measurements to ensure you achieve the required fit you like. Some men prefer a fitted style and some don’t!
  • When you wish to purchase a vest please check your measurements against my Measurement/Sizing guide to see which size is closest to your own personal measurements.
  • You would purchase a custom vest in the Sizing option and pay. You would then complete Your Personal Measurement Form, including which vest size is closest to your own measurements – (small, medium or large) and email this to me at
  • I would make a personal Toile (mock-up of the vest you wish in a similar fabric). This would be sent to you (at no extra cost) for you to try on and pin etc so you are happy with the fit.
  • You would then either email me your alterations if they are simple changes or we could face time where I could see how the toile fits you and we could discuss it.
  • You would also be sent a return label so the toile could be returned to me.
    Example of alternations– 2 inches longer in the body, 1 inch wider in the chest, 1” tighter the whole way down the body length from under the arm to bottom of vest.

Vest – Sizing Guide in inches

Chest - just under the arms32"/34"36"/38"40"/42"
Top of shoulder to end length of vest25.5"26"26.5"
From top of shoulder to vest neck line - Depends on design but approx. 6”/7

Bespoke Vest

  • I currently only have a few Vest designs on my website so if you wish for a totally unique, original design please email me first so we can discuss what you may require
  • You can go totally ‘Bespoke’ which would be a slightly higher price due to the extra work involved. Please email me at