Cotton lycra with power mesh


This cropped top is very versatile as it can not only be worn as underwear but also as a top under an open shirt or jacket. The design uses soft cotton lycra and power mesh; due to high percentage of lycra within the cotton and mesh this combination offers good support as the fabric not only supports the body but also moulds to an individuals shape and has excellent fabric retention.

The separately wrapped elastic waistband sits flush with the skin and ensures the top is held in place. The back of this cropped top is mainly constructed in power mesh. Although it is see-through again the high percentage of lycra ensure excellent fit and skin breathability.

You also have the option to ‘Customise’ your selection for a more personal fit.

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The centrally placed A/C branding in contrasting black and white adorns the power mesh waistband that really sets off each garment. The soft knit bonadex waistband elastic is wrapped in power mesh to prevent any rubbing against the skin. It also protects the elastic to ensure it longevity and enhances the overall design.

Cotton lycra

  • Made from a smooth blend of cotton and elastane this fabric combination creates the perfect supportive fit with excellent stretch retention.
  • The innovative combination of materials provides perfect wearing comfort whilst offering breathability. Because of the presence of elastane this fabric will not wrinkle easily and it retain its shape.
  • This fabric blend is comparatively free of pilling, where pesky balls of tangled fibre are seen and offers excellent ageing, has resistant to sunlight and mildew formation.
  • At least 8% lycra with 92% cotton- this ensures every garment retains it shape for longer.

Power Mesh

  • This fabric has an excellent 4 way stretch, a silky-smooth touch, and is as light as a feather!
  • This sheer, super soft handle material is semi-transparent and just adds that touch of style to any garment.
  • With a high percentage of lycra (at least 18%) it ensures great stretch retention as well as helping the skin to breathe.


  • Main fabric – 92% cotton 8% lycra
  • Mesh – 82% nylon 18% spandex
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Black, Red, Royal Blue, White, Navy


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